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Best Unisex Salon in Rohtak

Amjad Habib is one of the famous and powerful brand of hair & beauty salon in rohtak. We are in this profession from the last 3 generations. And from these years we are successfully making a place in the heart of several celebrities and our other loyal clients. We also help those who want to join this profession by trained them under our expert team. We have several branches across all over India.

We have the special, professional and expert team that helps people to meet with their new & stylish look in rohtak. We use professional products that are harm free for the skin. And our hair stylist gives you a new look by their scientific method cutting.
We work on customer happiness and satisfaction to earn customer trust and loyalty by providing them with professional services. Our haircuts are totally done by professionals in a very stylish way. We are a well-known brand of best unisex hair & beauty salon in rohtak. Now we want to provide the same services to the customers for beauty & hair treatment in rohtak.

Men hair & beauty services in rohtak

Our Best Beauty & Hair Style Services

Bringing Your Inner Beauty Out

Hair Cut and Style

Hair Cut and Style in Rohtak

Get a hair style from our professional hair stylist who gives you a look according to your facial features and life style. We offer hair style for men, women and kids with free consultation. Get haircuts, blow dry, straightening, curly hair, shampoo, conditioning and much more. We meet our clients’ with new trending look that give them confidence to make the point of attraction.

Hair Color Services

Hair Color Services in Rohtak

When you imagine new look of hair then its color must be unique. Our experts help to give you stunning hair look with customized hair color. We always use professional products for your desired look either you want lightener, mediator or darker color. We have a unique range of colors to give you perfect look. We have lots of customers who are happy with our perfection of hair color delivery.

Nail Services

Nail Services in Rohtak

Give your hands a beautiful look using our manicure, pedicure and nail enhancement service with lots of designs. Our expert teams of nail technicians work professionally on your nails to give them beautiful and stylish look. Visit our salon and make your time indulgent.

Make-Up Services

Make-Up Services in Rohtak

Every woman deserves the red carpet look. Want a glamorous or freshen look? Our makeup special team will make sure for your outstanding and natural look. We are professionals to give any type of look like normal makeup, party make up, bridal, grooming and simple occasion look and much more. You can also book us for any special day; we will help you to give the special look according to your day.

Formaldehyde Free Formulation

Formaldehyde Free Formulation in Rohtak

A formula that is Brazilian blowout and it is a keratin based hair treatment. This treatment helps to improve the overall health of your hair in all cases like conditions, thickness, shining and growth. This formula is designed to realign your hair protein in to your hair roots or shaft to make them healthy. When you are looking for frizz free hair then this treatment gives you silky, shiny and straight and frizz free hair for a confident look.

Keratin Rejuvenation Services

Keratin Rejuvenation Services in Rohtak

Keratin rejuvenation is a special treatment of hair that eliminates almost 95 % of frizz and curls from hair and makes them straight and easy manageable. Its advance formulation that restores all protein of your hair and restructures your hair with a special band formulation for deep keratin conditioning. This is perfect after coloring and best for any special occasion. This treatment benefit will 2 months and restore your health of hair.



Chemical Male Female
Blow Dry 100/- On Word 300/- On Word
Style Setting Crimping/hot Roller) 300/- On Word 800/- On Word
Colour 1000/- On Word 1200/- On Word
Global Fashion Colour 1000/- On Word 3000/- On Word
High Lighting/Per Streak 150/- On Word 300/- On Word
Hair Re-bonding 2000/- On Word 4000/- On Word
Hair Spa 500/- On Word 1000/- On Word
Hair Spa Loreal 600/- On Word 1200/- On Word
Hair Spa Schwarzkof 700/- On Word 1500/- On Word
Hair Fall Treatment 650/- Per Siting 1000/- Per Siting
Dandruff Treatment 550/- Per Siting 1200/- Per Siting


Male Female
Haircut 200/- 400/-
Haircuts Kids 150/- 300/-
Shaving 100/-
Beard Trimming 100/-
Shampoo + Conditioning 100/- 250/-
Head Massage 250/- 350/-
Haircut Styling (Amjad Habib) 700/- 1500/-
Clean-Up Facial
Fruits 700/- 1000/-
Silver 800/- 1800/-
Gold 1000/- 2000/-
Diamond 1200/- 2000/-
Chocolate 900/- 1600/-
Anti Acne 900/- 1600/-
Lotus 1000/- 1800/-
O3 1500/- 2500/-
Casmara 2000/- 3500/-
A+ 1500/- 2500/-
Pro. 2200/- 4000/-
Ozone 1500/- 3000/-
Hydra Pack 200/-
O3 + Mask Glow 550/-
Packs 200/-
Titning Pack 500/-
D-Tan Pack 500/-
O3 + White Pack 500/-
Normal Rica
Arms with under Arms 300/- 400/-
Full Arms 200/- 300/-
Under Arms 100/- 150/-
Full Legs 600/- 800/-
Bikini Wax 700/- 1000/-
Full Body 2000/- 2500/-
Full Body / Front 800/- 1200/-
Full Face 250/- 350/-
Tummy Wax 400/- 600/-
Regular Gold OXY D-Tan 03+
Only Face 200/- 450/- 350/- 600/- 500/-
Front Face & Back 500/- 700/- 650/- 750/- 750/-
Fully Body 1500/- 2000/- 2500/- 2500/- 3000/-
Under Eye 500/- Per Sitting
Body Polishing 2500/-
Eyebrows 40/-
Forehead 30/-
Uper Lips 30/-
Chin 30/-
Full Face 200/-
Katori Wax Chin 50/-
Side Locks 40/-
Krylon MAC A.Brush
Party 2500/- 3500/- 5000/-
Ring Ceremony 7000/- 3500/- 5000/-
Bridal 12000/- 15000/- 17000/-
Body Polishing 2500/-
Normal Pedicure 500/-
Normal Manicure 350/-
Deluxe Pedicure 600/-
Deluxe Pedicure 600/-
Deluxe Manicure 500/-
Lotus Crystal Pedicure 1200/-
Lotus Crystal Manicure 1000/-
Chocolate Pedicure 1400/-
Chocolate Manicure 1200/-
Aroma Pedicure 1500/-
Aroma Manicure 1300/-
French Pedicure 600/-
French Manicure 450/-

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